Calorflex CCCx Crankcase Heater



Crankcase heater

The series heater CCCx is mounted outside the compressor and its purpose is that of keeping the liquid refrigerant and the lubricating oil separated by heating: the compressor performances can thus be extended and optimized. It is equipped with a metal clamp that allows the end user to install the heater on the compressor quickly and conveniently. The outer metal braiding offers a mechanical protection of the cable and ensures earthing.


Air Conditioning
Construction and installation companies for condensing and cooling units use various types of electrical resistors to prevent ice from forming and to maintain the correct temperature during defrosting and evaporation cycles.
Industrial Refrigeration
Monoblock chillers, cooling chambers and related accessories (doors, balancing valves and drives), cooling repositories and containers, tunnel freezers, refrigeration compressors, etc. are all equipped with electrical resistors to avoid problems caused by low temperatures and the formation of condensation and ice.


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