Calorflex FHCx Heating Cable



Heating cable

The series heating cable FHCx is used to maintain a proper temperature of industrial floorings of cold rooms, to prevent and avoid the formation of ice. It is supplied already cut to measure and ready to use: the cable length cannot be shortened by the end user. The cable termination and the connection between cold and heating part are made with a special hotmelt resin so as to ensure maximum sealing properties and an IP67 protection level.


Frost Protection & Snow Melting
One of the most popular applications of electrical resistors is to protect against ice and snow formation on roads, access ramps, pavements, pedestrian crossings, steps, guttering, ducts and pipes: they can help avoid expensive restoration and repair work.
Industrial Refrigeration
Monoblock chillers, cooling chambers and related accessories (doors, balancing valves and drives), cooling repositories and containers, tunnel freezers, refrigeration compressors, etc. are all equipped with electrical resistors to avoid problems caused by low temperatures and the formation of condensation and ice.
Floor Heating
With our electrical resistors, underfloor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating in homes, schools, nurseries, offices, gyms and places of worship distribute warmth evenly, creating a comfortable environment and providing significant cost savings with respect to traditional systems.


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