Calorflex RSSx Tubular Heater Bain Marie

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Tubular heater bain marie

The tubular heater RSSx is used also in the food and catering industry. Installed in bain marie tanks, it is designed to heat the water contained in the steel tank to keep food hot. Designed to withstand high temperatures and thermal stresses, this type of heater can also be used in dry bain maries.


There are numerous appliances in the catering sector equipped with electrical resistors, including: cooking equipment, ovens, plate warmers, warming drawers, display cases, water baths, heated surfaces, pastry warmers, pizza warmers, coffee machines, etc.
Industry and Building Yards
Maintaining a constant temperature is often a primary requirement in the industrial and building sectors. Calorflex resistors can be used to heat pipes and tanks, silos and cisterns, work surfaces and levelling tables: the list goes on.


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