Copeland Emerson CRLDS, 0-10000ppm, Wall Mount, IR, CO2

SKU: 809-1213

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CRLDS Gas Detectors

Used to monitor indoor air for any refrigerant leaks and can be used for refrigeration applications including cold rooms, freezer rooms, and machinery rooms

Refrigerant leak detection is considered a fundamental component and compliance necessity in commercial refrigeration system design. Regardless of refrigerant type, reducing leaks is important for a variety of performance, environmental and safety reasons. The Copeland C-Series Refrigerant Leak Detection System (CRLDS) monitors indoor air for any refrigerant leaks and can detect a wide range of gases. The CRLDS can be used standalone or with the Site Supervisor or E2/E3 controllers. You can use the CRLDS to continuously monitor for refrigerant leaks or as part of compliance monitoring or a refrigerant management program.


  • ENVIRONMENT Helps customers meet ESG goals.
    • Detects leaks of harmful GHGs, alerts that maintenance is needed to prevent further release of pollutant gases.
  • SAFETY Helps customers to keep their employees and customers safe from harm.
    • Detects toxic refrigerants that create a risk of asphyxiation (either directly or via oxygen displacement) and alerts that action must be taken.
  • SIMPLICITY Broad-band sensor types detect most refrigerants with limited part numbers. Easy to install, configure, and maintain, providing both analog and digital interfaces.
    • Only 3 different sensor variants needed to cover all common refrigerants. Bluetooth app and analog service wheel, simple calibration, pre-calibrated sensor exchange.
  • INTEGRATION Integrates seamlessly into Supervisory system.
    • Multiple standardized output options, including MODBUS, relays for alarm & fault, analog output (ie. 4-20mA, 0-10V). Native integration into Copeland Supervisory system in progress.
  • RELIABILITY Reliability saves customers time in dealing with product failures & false alarms, allowing them to focus on maximizing the efficiency of the refrigeration system.
    • Less than 0.001% product failure rate.
  • INSTALLATION Off-the-shelf refrigerant gas detector that is ready to install. Designed for easy installation & connection of all cables. Designed for use in all typical refrigeration applications.
    • Pre-configured with alarm levels in compliance with industry standards, and fail-safe configuration of relays. Number & positioning of cable glands for easy access, pluggable screw terminals can be removed from the board to make connecting cables easy. IP67-rated enclosure & -40°C - + 50°C operating range suitable for all typical refrigeration environments.
  • STANDARDS & REGULATIONS Helps customers to meet required safety standards.
    • Compliant to: UL61010-1/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, EN 61010-1, EN 378, EN 14624, EN 50270, EN 50271, IEC 60529, IEC 60355-2-40, (EMC) 2014/30/EU, (LVD) 2014/35/EU.

Part Number: 809-1213