Danfoss EKA 164A Universal Remote Display (Green)

SKU: 084B8670

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Application: the displays may be used in conjunction with some of the controllers in the AK- and EKC series, e.g. AK-CC, AK-PC, EKC 414, EKC 514.

EKA 163 has no operating buttons and can be mounted on the refrigeration appliance in such a way that the customer can see the temperature at the goods.

EKA 164 has operating buttons so that settings can be made in the controller’s menu system.

There are 2 types: type A and type B. Type A has a stronger communication circuit that covers both RS-485 and TTL. Type A can be used instead of type B. Do not use type B when controller data requires type A.

Product Details

  • Function: Display green
  • Type: EKA 164A
  • Used for Product: EKC Controllers

Part Number: 084B8670