Copeland Emerson Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor, 902MHz

SKU: 814-3760

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The Wireless Sensor product portfolio provides end users cost effective devices to retrofit existing spaces for occupancy control and daylight harvesting. These sensors are fully integrated into the Emerson Wireless Module System to work with the Wireless Gateway and E2 or Site Supervisor.

The Copeland Emerson Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor (814-3760) is a solar-powered sensor used to measure the room temperature and rH, and transmit this information wirelessly to the Emerson Wireless Gateway. Special indoor solar cells collect the power required for operation and data transfer from ambient light. During unlit periods, gold-cap capacitors continue to feed the transmitter. The wireless transmission technology gives you a great deal of freedom in choosing the installation location.

  • Temp/Humidity Sensor transmission interval is based on change of value or every 15 minutes.

Part Number: 814-3760