Emerson XEV Series Inductor Extender

SKU: 335-3500

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Inductor Extender for Emerson XEV Series Controllers.

The Inductor Extender (P/N 335-3500) is ONLY for use with Sporlan Bipolar 4-wire stepper valves with 100 ohm or 75 ohm phase resistance. When using the Inductor Extender, the XEV/XM controller CPP parameter setting MUST be less than 20; otherwise the Valve, Controller, and/or Inductor Extender will be damaged or have its life expectancy drastically shortened.

The Inductor Extender can ONLY be used with Sporlan Bipolar Stepper valves that have a setting of 16 or 12 in the CPP column of the valve parameter table.

The recommended CPP parameter should NOT be increased to create AC voltage at the valve; if the valve harness length is over 30 feet, an Inductor Extender MUST be added into the 4-wire valve harness.

When using the Inductor Extender (P/N 335-3500), any stepper valve harness extensions MUST NOT exceed 170 feet total length.

Use 14 AWG wire for valve harness extensions in conduit. If the valve harness extension is not in conduit, use 16 AWG or 14 AWG shielded cable with the shield terminated to an earth grounded chassis. For valve harness extensions over 100 feet, 14 AWG shielded cable is recommended.

The Inductor Extender must be installed no more than 9 feet (3 meters) from the XEV/XM controller.

Part Number: 335-3500