Copeland Emerson XM678 Kit for Stepper Control (24V)

SKU: 818-6610

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Models XM670-XM679 are high level microprocessor based controllers for multiplexed cabinets, suitable or applications on medium or low temperature. It can be inserted in a Local Area Connection (LAN) of up to eight (8) different sections that can operate depending on the programming, as stand alone controllers or by following the commands coming from the other sections.

XM670/XM679 controllers can have six (6) relay outputs to control the solenoid valve, defrost that can be either electrical or hot gas, evaporator fans, lights, auxiliary output, alarm output and an output to drive pulsed electronic expansion valves (applicable for XM679 only).

The controllers can also have up to four (4) probe inputs: the first one for temperature control, the second for defrost end temperature control of the evaporator, the third for the display, and the fourth probe input can be used for applications with virtual probe or for inlet/outlet air temperature measurement. Model XM679 can exclusively have two (2) other probes that can be used for superheat measurement and regulation. Both XM670 and XM679 controllers are also equipped with three digital inputs (free contact) that are fully configurable through parameters.

The Hot Key connector allows simple programming of the controllers. Direct serial output RS-485 MODBUS-RTU compatible permits a simple XWEB interfacing. Depending on the model, the Hot Key connector can also be used to connect X-REP display.


  • Embedded intelligence to maximize case control operating efficiency through tighter temperature control
  • On-board relays, built-in Modbus communication capabilities and an integrated power supply to eliminate the cost and hassle associated with acquiring necessary add-ons.
  • Configurable inputs for flexible control options
  • Optional display module (CX660) for on-site configuration
  • E2, E3 and Site Supervisor controller integration

Kit Includes:

  • XM678 Stepper Control (24V)
  • Remote Display
  • XM-FC26 Connectors
  • 3 Temp Sensors
  • Pressure Sensor 0-200 PSI

Product Specifications:

  • Communication: RS-485 Modbus
  • Power Supply: 24V
  • Inputs: 6 Analog, 3 Digital
  • Relay Outputs: 5 Outputs
  • Type of Valve: Stepper Valve
  • Part Number: 818-6610