Copeland Emerson XR35CX Digital Controller w/Red LED (110V)

SKU: 318-6020

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Model XR35CX (32 mm x 74 mm) is a digital thermostat with off-cycle defrost, designed for refrigeration applications at normal temperature. It has two (2) relay outputs to control compressor and light (configurable).

It can also have up to four (4) NTC, CtC, or PT1000 probe inputs: the first one for temperature control, the second one located on the evaporator to control the defrost termination temperature. One of the two digital inputs can operate as a third temperature probe. The fourth probe is used to signal the condenser temperature alarm or to display a temperature value. Set the PbC parameter to CtC to support standard CPC temperature sensors (factory default).

The RS-485 serial output enables the controller to be connected to a network line that is a MODBUSRTU compatible, such as the monitoring units of XWEB family. The Hot Key receptacle allows the controller to be programmed by means of the Hot Key programming keyboard.

The controller is fully configurable through special parameters that can be easily programmed through the keyboard.

Product Specifications:

  • Housing: Self Extinguishing ABS
  • Case Dimensions: Front: 32 mm x 74 mm, Depth: 60 mm
  • Power Supply: 110VAC, ±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Display 3 digits, red LED, 14.2 mm high
  • Inputs: Up to 4 NTC, CtC, or PT1000 Probes
  • Outputs: 2 Relay
  • Part Number: 318-6020