MSA Safety Chillgard® 5000 Series

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MSA Safety Chillgard® 5000 Refrigerant Leak Monitor

The Chillgard 5000 Leak Detector provides continuous, real-time monitoring down to 1ppm

The Chillgard 5000 Refrigerant Leak Monitor provides the earliest level of detection of costly refrigerant gas leaks in mechanical equipment rooms. Sampling system with patented photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) technology detects leaks as low as 1 part per million (ppm). Intuitive, touchscreen user interface makes it easy to operate. Predictive maintenance and diagnostics keep you operational.


Meets ASHRAE 15 requirements to provide visual and audible alarms both inside and outside of mechanical equipment rooms and to activate mechanical ventilation.

  • Sensitivity - earliest level of detection down to 1 ppm
  • Reliability - advanced sensor diagnostics and predictive maintenance
  • Versatility - monitors up to 6 refrigerants field selectable through a refrigerant library
  • Stability - minimal drift, not affected by temperature or humidity

Intuitive, multi-lingual user interface provides valuable data at your fingertips:

  • Real-time dashboard view
  • One-touch calibration
  • Event logs
  • Password protected

Digital communications:

  • BACnet®
  • Modbus


MSA Safety Chillgard® 5000 Remote Display

Know before you go in

The MSA Chillgard 5000 Remote Display provides gas monitor information before room entry where potentially hazardous gas levels may exist. This unit is easily installed adjacent to entry ways or walls outside of the monitored area. Workers can easily be alerted by the audible alarm and read the monitor status to know the alarm conditions inside the room prior to entry. When used with the Chillgard 5000, the Remote Display provides superior levels of hazardous gas detection and communication.


  • Used with Chillgard 5000 Gas Monitor
  • Connect up to four remote displays in series
  • Water and corrosion-resistant enclosure
  • Easy to read: 7" touch display
  • 70 dB audible alarm
  • 24 V AC/DC powering, 110/220 Volts optional
  • Strobe as an optional accessory