Refri-Shield™ 8" Four-Bolt Retrofit Liquid Level Gauge


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Electronic | Maximum Working Pressure: 700 PSIG

This electronic level gauge is the introductory product to the Refri-Shield™ line of level-detection components. Featuring an electronic readout and bubble-level for installation, this device can be serviced and replaced by two set screws without pumping the system down. The Rotolock sight glass housing utilizes a PTFE gasket for a superior seal—minimizing the leak potential.


  • Designed for use in horizontal vessels
  • 1 3/4″ Rotolock sight glass design
  • Watertight electronics enclosure made of DuPont Zytel glass-reinforced polymers

Electronic Specifications:

  • 12 ft cable
  • 12V AC or DC
    • DC accepted range: 11.5V—14V
    • AC accepted range: 10V—14V
  • Amp draw: 12V supply
    • 70mA—100mA (depending on relay state)
  • 12V common
    • Relay common
  • 0.5V out +/- 0.1V
    • Minimum accepted load: 100 ohms
  • 4—20mA out
    • Max load for full 20mA: 400 ohms
  • Dry Contact Relay—set at 20%
    • Relay contact rating: 2 amps
  • Electronic Operating Temperature
    • -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Factory calibrated
  • Pressure-boundary components listed in accordance with UL-207
  • Patent pending

Included Components:

  • Refri-Shield Level Gauge
  • Rotolock Swivel Nut
  • Refri-Shield Housing
  • PTFE Gasket (part number 100-024)
  • Retrofit Gasket (part number 100-038A)
  • Rotolock Spud Connector
  • 4-Bolt Retrofit Plate
  • 4 x 5/16” Socket Head Screws with Washers
  • 12VDC, 15 Watt Power Supply

Rotolock Connection

RSG series level gauges utilize a 1 3/4″ Rotolock connection with PTFE gasket on new receiver installations for a superior seal.

Four-Bolt Retrofit

Retrofit assemblies for existing four-bolt flange receivers are also available. Retrofit kits include flange plate, gaskets, and bolts for installation.

Product Specifications:

  • Catalog Number*: RSG-8ER
  • Vessel OD: 8 5/8"
  • Swing Radius: 4 3/4"

* "R" indicates four-bolt retrofit models

Part Number: RSG-8ER

Equivalent to Hussmann part number 3115299